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Hogsback Conference Facilities - Eastern Cape - South Africa

Conference Facilities Hogsback, Eastern Cape
Kings Lodge - Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Accommodation: 43 beds in 18 rooms and chalets Seating style: Cinema 50, Schoolroom 50, U Shaped 30 Other facilities: Fax, Email, Screen,......further information

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Hogsback Information

The area is known for indigenous forests, waterfalls and trout fishing. The large gardens in the surrounding area also include exotic plants from all parts of the Earth, and it is a popular destination and tourist attraction among both International and South African tourists. Apart from 'the Hogsback', the tallest peak in the area is the 1 954 m Gaika's Kop.

There are two (or maybe more) theories as how the village received its name. Some think it was named for Captain Hogg, Commander of Fort Michell. Some others think that it is due to the fact that one of the three peaks that overlook the village, when seen from a certain angle, resembles a Hog's Back (A hog's back is a geological term describing this particular rock formation).

Hogsback is located roughly 30 km from Alice. Overall, it is in the Central-Southern part of South Africa, in the center of the Eastern Cape province, and is roughly half way in between the town of Alice and the village of Cathcart. Nearby towns include Seymour to the west, Fort Hare and Alice to the south, Cathcart, Whittlesea and the Waterdown dam to the north and Keiskammahoek to the east. However, travel east and west of the town is rare because there is little infrastructure and ridges/mountains to these sides | Western Cape | Eastern Cape | Northern Cape | Kwazulu-Natal | Free State | Gauteng | Limpopo Province | North West Province | Mpumalanga | Sitemap

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